Insect screens are additional protection of the internal space from unwanted impacts of insects and small animals (mice, cats, etc.). They are made out of aluminum and PVC frames and high quality protective mesh made of carbon fiber that allows air.

The effectiveness of insect screens stands out during the summer months, both when there is a need for fresh air in rooms and thousands mosquitoes and other insects ready to invade.

There are different types of insect screens and the choice depends on your specific needs. Insect screens can be placed both on windows and doors. Insect screens are ideal both for windows in the bedrooms and terrace or balcony doors.

Insect screens can be divided on:

-fixed – a product that is cost-effective and highly functional

-moveable ( roll ) – if you are taking a window with shutters, they can be integrated in the blinds , and can be installed if the product does not have shutters




ALU BEN insect screens (plisse)



ALU BEN insect screens with no threshold are a completely revolutionary system. Insect screens with no threshold still use simple and effective materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. They consist of a shutter box and a rail. They don’t have a threshold or side frame. No threshold insect screens are ergonomically perfect and easy to handle. Also they effectively eliminate the problem of architectural barriers and distortions of your home visual identity.



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