High-quality products

Besides quality, we give great attention to functionality of our products. Only the latest technology of our manufacturing partners is used in production process:

  • Winkhaus
  • Alu mill
  • Paneta
  • Presglass
  • Gutmann
  • Rotox
  • alumil (2)
  • presglass
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  • PANETA LOGO 291x96 px
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  • rotox_logo@2x

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Getting the job done is so much easier is if you have the help of your partners. Finding the right partner can have an immense impact on one’s business success. Therefore, we invite you to become our partner!

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Modern offer

Windows, doors, blinds, shutters, insect screens, door handles, glass, fittings, decor, colours

Our products

Alu-Ben: Optimo, Optimo +, Supreme, Supreme +, Ultra, Ultra +

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