ALU BEN offers its clients the possibility to order doors, windows, shutters and blinds as well as its additional material on a turnkey system. We commit ourselves to do all the activities from the consulting and manufacturing through to installation and final testing.

Manufacturing process
Adjustment and verification

Manufacturing process


Production process begins with consultation. We advise you which product is the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your facility and inform you about any needed adaptations.

After consultation, with your approval, we start computer preparations for production. All our products are manufactured in parts and each part of the product is assigned a unique ID. We predict the smallest details of the product and the individual measures are sent to all the machines in production. By assembling those parts we ultimately form the finished product.

In the Cutting center we cut and process multi-chamber frames manufactured by renowned German manufacturer Rehau. The cut and processed elements are sent to the next station where frame drilling is done. After frame drilling  we install fittings manufactured by renowned German fittings manufacturer Winkhaus. When installation of fittings is done, the ordered additional program such as blinds, Insect screens, or some electronic accessories i installed.


We offer the production of a variety of classical and security doors with different glasses. We can also offer you doors with concealed casement.

In order to ensure our customers with the highest quality and delivery of our products on time, we have cooperation with the highest quality company in the region for the production of glass – Pressglass . They are characterized by high technology, quality and reliability. A true collaborator and partner for ALU BEN , like the rest of our suppliers .



Installation of the product


When installing the manufactured products most attention is paid to the quality of the installation. We know that it is crucial for long-term successful use of ALU BEN products. Properly installed windows ensure great energy savings and prevention of heat loss.


Adjustment and verification


Fine-tuning as well as the last check are the final phase of our overall process and round-up our efforts to produce and install high quality product with a longterm warranty.