Did you know that inadequate doors and windows can cause the loss of up to 50% of the heat in a room and that the windows lose as much as 10 times more heat than the walls? These are just some of the reasons why you should think carefully when planning on buying new windows or doors for your house, apartment or office. There is a good reason why PVC is the most common material used in door and window production today. Hereafter, we will explain why that is a case.

In addition to the contemporary and modern design, PVC windows and doors are exceptionally good thermally insulated and can save up to 70% of heat loss, which will have very positive effect on heating costs. Also PVC has a very good sound insulation and is suitable for use in apartments located close to the city center and other highly frequent places.

More than 60% of total PVC doors and windows produced have a shelf life longer than 40 years. PVC is resistant to all weather conditions, easy to clean and can provide big savings in maintenance. Research has shown that the maintenance cost of wooden windows, taking into account the period of 25 years, is up to 1800% higher than the costs of maintenance of PVC windows.

PVC material is environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and meets the highest environmental standards.

If we talk in terms of a healthy lifestyle and concern for the environment PVC is right choice. It is an inert material. Which means that its presence does not affect the environment in which it is located. Unlike other materials found in our environment .





The aluminum successfully penetrated the carpentry market mainly thanks to its elegant and modern design and long-term lifetime. Today, aluminum doors and windows are used in small and large commercial buildings, shopping malls, apartments and houses.

ALU carpentry boasts high strength and structural stability and therefore is recommended for. Thanks to its strength, durability and aesthetics, static aluminum windows are the first choice for most offices. Another advantage of aluminum products is that you can choose from a wide range of color shades for your windows and doors.

What makes aluminum products specific is anodizing process. Anodizing is a process of surface treatment of products. Aluminum is coated with a protective layer, thickness of 15-20 microns, which represent a permanent solution against corrosion.

Nowadays it is definitely the most common protection of aluminum: electrostatic powder paint or how we all like to call it “coating”. Lamination is now 95 % applied in aluminum protection. Not only because of the quality, better protection of aluminum (60-130 microns depending on the type of paint), but also because of the ecological approach. 2 years ago, by the decision of the EU, noncromatic preparation of aluminum prior to coating is introduced. With all that in yielding, color possibilities are almost unlimited .

We can offer you and HWR colors ( high weather resistance ) or highly weather -resistance paint.