An essential element of any home

Blinds have always been an essential element of any home. Their function is much higher than the regulation of light in space and protection of your intimacy. Quality and properly set blinds protect your windows against unfavorable weather conditions. Blinds also provide protection from unauthorized entry into your home or office.

In addition to these protective functions, blinds play a significant role when it comes to thermal and sound insulation. Research has proven that quality and properly installed blinds can reduce heat loss by up to 30%, which, in the long term, represents significant savings of energy and money. Also blinds have a very good sound insulation and, when fully lowered, can reduce street noise by 50%.

ALU BEN offers high quality aluminum and PVC blinds that represent a long term solution for your home or office. We offer a wide range of colors and wood imitation, and thus our blinds perfectly fit all facades.


You can choose between:

  • manual lowering and raising the blinds
  • motor (remotely controlled) lowering and raising the blinds

– with push button

-with remote control

Another thing you can choose is whether you want the shutter box to be installed:

  • on the outside of the wall (outside box)
  • on the inner side of the wall (surface-mounted box)

A novelty in our offer is – a roller blind with lock.

Blind with a lock guarantees security of your home. Contact us to learn more about it.



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