This is the product which has the lowest prices. In addition to this package you have a top quality armature which allows maximum utilization and maximum functionality . If you need to close the facility and are looking for the most economical product with the best armature on the market .

 This pack offers you:


REHAU EURO 70 (with 70 mm built-in depth and 5 chambers), which is  eligible with all norms that are provided by law. Only in white colour!





Winkhaus ACTIV PILOT (German reputable manufacturer which offers its maximum u).


Two-layers 1.1 (glass combination: 4 float – 16 Ar – 4 LOW-e) – coefficient of heat passing by m2 for this glass is 1.1 K/m2.

In this pack you can choose:

-three-layers glass 36mm thickness

-semiolives in various colors

-all types of sun protection (blinds, shutters, extern or inner blinds and brisols etc.)

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