Modern and elegant door handles can be a beautiful and striking detail on your new ALU BEN door. ALU BEN handles offer uncompromising quality. Easy and safe door closing is ensured, handles are decorative and fit in with all the architectural solutions.

You can choose between the following colors:

  • silver
  • bronze
  • titan
  • champagne
  • gold
  • brown
  • white

Also you can choose between the:

  • classic door handle
  • door knob
  • door handle with a key lock
Glass is an integral part of your windows and makes the major part of the complete product. Properly installed high quality glass will ensure you great energy savings and prevent heat loss.


In order to ensure our customers the highest quality and products delivery on time, we have cooperation with the highest quality company in the region for the production of glass – Pressglass . They are characterized with high technology, quality and reliability. A true collaborator and partner for ALU BEN, like the rest of our suppliers .


We also offer a special glass that is filled with argon gas in order to achieve even better thermal insulation.

Windows often come in unusual forms and are manufactured using various materials. We always offer the right solution in the form of fittings.

We are able to optimally meet various requirements in relation to the window fittings, their functionality, safety, comfort and aesthetics.

You can find wide variety of fittings manufactured by renowned German fittings manufacturer Winkhaus:

  • ProPilot fittings
  • ActivPilot fittings


Feel free to contact us

Feel free to contact us for additional equipment. Our professional staff will make sure that you choose the ideal product for your home.