This product if special, different and unique on RH market. It is just for demanding buildings, special clients…

This pack offers you:


RREHAU GENEO (86 mm built-in depth), highest-quality profile which you can find on EU market. It is special because of its structure. Profile base is made of glass fibers which multiplies profile statics. This profile is the only profil in Germany which has the characteristics of passive profile, in which you do not put recuperation in 90% of the products which are made of it. This is definetely the plume Rehau concern and Alu Ben.



Winkhaus ACTIV PILOT (German reputable manufacturer which provides the maximum in this option).


three-layers 0.6 glass.


In this pack you can choose additionally:

– three-layers glass 52mm thickness (in various combinations, with lamistalima etc.)

– alu compress in any RAL color

– poluolive in various colors

– all types of sun protection (blinds, shutters, extern or inner venetian blinds and brisoles etc.)

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